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Alcoholism has often been defined by medical experts as a psychological disorder that forces an individual to persistently rely on alcohol and other alcoholic substances for survival.

The problem begins slowly and then advances to dangerously high levels where the addict often drinks too much alcohol and endangers his or her life or that of family members, neighbors, and other people who may be around them at the time of intoxication.


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As Americans, we all have had experiences with an alcohol addict, be it at home, school, or at work. These people’s lives continue to suffer unspeakably from the effects of this drink.

Children born into families with alcoholic parents often have to deal with the shame that comes with the addiction and even get bullied by their peers in school.


Alcohol addiction is a source of major concern for leaders worldwide. It is among the biggest social problems that the United States of America has been grappling with for years on end. It is therefore not a new phenomenon in the country and it is expanding so fast. Currently, millions of Americans are in the net of alcoholism, with their life dreams and aspirations shattered.