When Is Alcohol Rehabilitation Needed?

With alcohol currently being the drug that is the most abused in the United States of America, alcoholism is by and large the greatest form of addiction in the country. The growth of this drug problem in the country has been attributed to a number of underlying factors. One such factor is genetics. Children who are born to addicted parents are twice as likely to turn out to be addicts later in life as those who are born to non-addicted parents.

Alcoholism addiction brings with it uncountable consequences. Reports by police officers estimate that in 2002, well over half a million people were either gravely injured or killed in road accidents caused by drunken driving. These deaths are too many, yet preventable. All these reasons indicate why alcoholism rehab programs are very important and show how big a role they play in the recovery of millions of Americans who are addicted to alcohol.

When Is Alcohol Rehabilitation Needed?

The only problem though, is that there is refusal by many alcoholics that they have any sort of problem and therefore either does not go for treatment or do so too late. When this happens, it is always appropriate for the family and close friends of the alcoholic to see what they can do to make sure the person gets into a treatment facility as soon as possible. How, then, can these people understand when someone needs treatment? There are numerous symptoms of alcohol addiction that have to be looked out for.

One of them is the self-isolation of the addict. This means that the person moves away from the rest of the family, probably due to feelings of guilt and shame that well up in the person’s system. This separation from the family can last for days, months, and even years. In fact, there have been situations in which an alcoholic has only been reunited with other family members after more than a year of division. Alcoholism rehab programs in this case play a role in this reunification of the families that have been affected.

Another very noticeable sign, especially by the addict him or herself, is tolerance. What this means is that the amount of alcohol that is consumed by the alcoholic increases every time he or she goes to drink. Tolerance is the capability of the body of the addict to accommodate a larger amount of drink. This means that over the length of addiction, the person increases the amount of drinks taken. This is very harmful to the person’s body and health.

Another visible sign that an alcoholism rehab program is urgently required is quick changes in temperament. Here, the alcoholic will display massive changes in his or her mood, from being angry to suddenly being happy, then relaxed, and finally violent, etc. This will put the rest of the people who live around this person in danger because in some instances, the addict may not be responsible for his or her actions and only realize that later.

One unmistakable sign that alcoholism rehab programs are needed is a recurring problem of memory loss of the addict. The alcoholic will begin forgetting events that he or she went through during the moments of intoxication. If this is left to go on, it could lead to memory loss, which is permanent.

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